Bakit ba LAGI ko na lang naiisip ang dami kong gustong basahin kapag marami na akong dapat tapusin?!


Wins? Any?

Tough week has passed. The back to back meeting with manager and human development coordinator were synchronized for a major mood boost.  Speaking with them surely realigned goals and clarified visions. One conversation was retrospective and a bit sentimental, the other one was bulleted yet insightful at its best. The fact that we're only a... Continue Reading →

Class SUSpended

Living and teaching in the Philippines have cool perks. One of those is the infamous, "CLASS SUSPENSION". I would be such a total liar if I'll say that I hate it, who would refuse an extra day osussn  Weeks back, a vice mayor was roasted for delaying class suspension. Her points were valid, though. Citing... Continue Reading →

I DO NOT Teach in a Public School

They say that sometimes words and names can harbor so many negative implications that just by hearing it already elicits negative prejudgment. I gagged in the thought that somehow "public school" where I graduated from, where I believe I owe the vision I hold so dearly, was no exception. I am a teacher and I... Continue Reading →

Heartbreak when Kids Hurt

"Wala na tayo magagwa, hindi ko na siya aawayin. Patay na anak ko, para saan pa?" With eyes swollen and gritting teeth, we can all sense her suppressed anger cloaked in grief. Her 7-year old kid just died with a little time to say goodbye. His dreams to be an engineer now rest in a... Continue Reading →

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