Class SUSpended

Living and teaching in the Philippines have cool perks. One of those is the infamous, “CLASS SUSPENSION”. I would be such a total liar if I’ll say that I hate it, who would refuse an extra day osussn 

Weeks back, a vice mayor was roasted for delaying class suspension. Her points were valid, though. Citing reasons such as weather forecast timing, unpredictable weather conditions, and the dwindling literacy performance of our students should be considered carefully prior to suspending classes. Sino ba naman gaganahan magsuspend pag nakabasa ka ng mga twit ng mga nagde-dare ng suspension ng mayor para makapag mobile legend sila? I admire her humility afterwards though, she apologized to the public saying she should have looked at the situation as a mother who’s worried of her children who’ll storm out the flood and heavy rain. Yung humility na yan, sana kahit paulit ulit ang suspension matutunan ng mga mag-aaral.


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