Driven By Purpose

Listening to Andy Stanley reminding me that “Purpose” is being means to an end. And the end is not even about us. But honestly, who wants that? We want to be the end. We want the spotlight to be on us in one way or another. Yet, he reiterated that fulfilling your purpose is all about being under someone else’s disposal.

How to know your purpose by the way?

Instead of asking what am I here for, it’s so much easier to ask WHO am I here for? Putting it in the classroom context, it seems automatic to recognize that we are here for the students. Our days should revolve around making lessons way simpler for them to understand. Instead of being too loyal to the available guides and resources, we should go out of our way to research or even create materials to contextualize and localize. Mastery levels are gauged through their exam results not by our efforts to teach.

It didn’t take long for me to notice that all these add-ons do not sit well with most of the teachers I interact with.

Or was it just a matter of perspective?

So, again, what is our end, class?


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