2018 Policy Makers

Yesterday was the first day of class of 2018, as anticipated, my attendance barely reached the half of my class. I cannot complain though because I was able to teach according to my lesson plan (???) plus we were able to go out to breathe. The air was cold and perfect for an afternoon walk. ESP’s topic was obedience to policies and understanding the importance of school’s cleanliness so we acted like school principals and DepEd supervisors about to issue sanitary permits. They’re tasked to identify the areas in the campus they would want to improve on and craft policies to maintain the cleanliness in school.

“Linisin si Dr. Jose Rizal.”

“Lahat ng bata magpupulot ng kalat kahit di kanya.”

“Magdala ng basurahan isa-isa.”

The list went on and on, completing the task, they shared their insights on stage visualizing they were in a large audience. They looked so cute looking all serious and credible with their playful nature kicking in between. We then debriefed under the mango tree where they shared how important it is for every kid to do their part. Naks!

I’m certainly looking forward to having more simulation activities like this. I just need to work on how to manage all 41 of them in a big covered court without having the need to shoot a teacher look or worse raise my voice’s decibels.


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