Hello February!



I was hoping I could have created a bonggacious month end post to wrap up my January. A lot has happened professionally that are really worth notetaking. Thanks to IG, I was able to capture some of them. Last month, I was able to invite a couple of people who will talk about their experiences.

There was Jazper, a colleague from my former workplace who passionately shared his vlogging experience. We had a bonus song number! He was too kind to tag along his Disney ad sales team Bon, Chalet, and Tammy who taught how to make puppets from brown paper bags. They also gave the kids scissors, glues, and chopsticks trainer! 🙂



Chief Engineer Tristan also passed by also suited up with his miniature cargo ship to speak about his job and all the countries he was able to go to. He also brought a captain’s uniform which one of my students all too kilig to wear. I invited Tristan because Vaughn wanted to be a seaman, seeing him grinning really lifted our spirits!





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