Driven By Purpose

Listening to Andy Stanley reminding me that "Purpose" is being means to an end. And the end is not even about us. But honestly, who wants that? We want to be the end. We want the spotlight to be on us in one way or another. Yet, he reiterated that fulfilling your purpose is all... Continue Reading →


Stars in Starbucks

Nope. This is not an ad post. There are conversations I hoped so bad I had a recorder so I can play it back whenever I need reminding. Yesterday, I saw her warm and motherly figure roaming around the booths of a cable channel event. As soon as I waved, she smiled broadly taking all... Continue Reading →


Naniniwala ka ba na ang mga teachers mahal talaga nila ang mga bata? Sa 100 ma'am siguro mga 60 lang. Talagang may mga di na dedicated. Meron dyan nagtuturo nagsusuntukan na yung mga bata, walang pakialam. Isa pa dyan yung bata may problema, di mo man lang matulungan. Palagay ang teaching talaga many are called... Continue Reading →

Bakit May Pasok?

November 2 is usually a special non-working holiday. It's not the usual today though because I am in school, using a DepEd laptop in our ICT room. 3 of my students came in, they're now swimming with Nemo together with almost 8 students of other sections. In total, there are roughly 20 students across all... Continue Reading →

Following the Lead

Manipulate people or inspire them? Either way will get you followers who will voluntarily go to the direction you set. Question is, which would breed loyalty? Enhance trust? What will give you followers worth following by others as well? Great organizations have people sacrifice themselves for others. They have leaders who are first to defend... Continue Reading →

Reflection v.1

It had always been clear to me that I will continue what I'm doing now after the fellowship. The past year revealed how innocent I am with the environment I claimed I know so well. If I allowed the community to express what ails them last year, this year, I made sure I was taking... Continue Reading →

Brief ‘I realized…’

I've realized that we're all given a chance to change a child's trajectory at every interaction, we should make the most out of it. Kids are keen to learn and they have different ways of expressing it, utmost sensitivity is required to listen beyond what we hear in the surface. At the end of the... Continue Reading →

Sir, eto na po yung script.

Flashback to 2006, I had my radio broadcasting internship at Radio Mindanao Network as a production assistant and segment writer. Some days, I giggle with our showbiz writer with celebrities'  latest scoops and steamy gossips. I enjoy the latter more than the hardcore news monitoring though. Yesterday, was my quick trip to a radio studio... Continue Reading →

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