Who wants to work for the Government?

On our trip back to the office, one of the consultants I had a meeting with asked her colleague, "Would you want to work for the government?", Mrs. A shook her head with a clear dismay, "No. And it's because of 3 things...." She listed her three reasons so quickly and matter-of-factly that it lingered... Continue Reading →


What Now?

It's been quite a while since I last updated this blog. I'll do my best to key in relevant (and not so) events that led me to where I am this 7ish, in an airconditioned room, with the stillness I was an alien to the past 2 years. SY 2017-2018 ended last April, my grade... Continue Reading →

Hello February!

  I was hoping I could have created a bonggacious month end post to wrap up my January. A lot has happened professionally that are really worth notetaking. Thanks to IG, I was able to capture some of them. Last month, I was able to invite a couple of people who will talk about their... Continue Reading →

Ellipses of 2018

I don't want this to read like an essay writing contest piece so I'll be as authentic as I can which means I'll be throwing all those grammar rules to the bin. Yes. me here reflecting is not a teacher. My birthday and the new year's eve passed with me slacking off the usual pen-wine... Continue Reading →

2018 Policy Makers

Yesterday was the first day of class of 2018, as anticipated, my attendance barely reached the half of my class. I cannot complain though because I was able to teach according to my lesson plan (???) plus we were able to go out to breathe. The air was cold and perfect for an afternoon walk.... Continue Reading →


While vanity clouds my eyes and burdens my heart, gratitude clears my vision and lighten my load. We do not deserve anything, yet he gives us everything. I was ready for whatever the result may be, this makes this victory so sweet. I am all the more fueled to stand up for my tasks at... Continue Reading →

I choose to HELP Marawi

Dahil ubos na ang SUPER CARD dahil sa SUPER Choices nila (Sumusunod sa Guro, Umuupo ng maayos, Pumupulot ng kalat, Eensayo ng pagbasa at pagsulat, Rumerespeto sa Kapwa) ng mga bata kung saan sila magkakaroon ng 1 punchole per task at ang mauubos na cards ay may kalakip na rewards, naisip ko na gawin itong... Continue Reading →

Anong Lesson? Ang Boards.

10 araw na lang birthday ko na. 12 oras na lang lalabas na ang resulta ng board exam. Hindi ko alam kung anong regalo ang ibibigay sa'kin ni Lord. Ipapasa nya ba ako para mareinforce ang pagtitiwala ko sa Kanya? O babagsak ako para sa pagkakataon kong magsikap pa, makinig ng mabuti at sundin ang... Continue Reading →

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