Hello February!

  I was hoping I could have created a bonggacious month end post to wrap up my January. A lot has happened professionally that are really worth notetaking. Thanks to IG, I was able to capture some of them. Last month, I was able to invite a couple of people who will talk about their … Continue reading Hello February!


Ellipses of 2018

I don't want this to read like an essay writing contest piece so I'll be as authentic as I can which means I'll be throwing all those grammar rules to the bin. Yes. me here reflecting is not a teacher. My birthday and the new year's eve passed with me slacking off the usual pen-wine … Continue reading Ellipses of 2018


While vanity clouds my eyes and burdens my heart, gratitude clears my vision and lighten my load. We do not deserve anything, yet he gives us everything. I was ready for whatever the result may be, this makes this victory so sweet. I am all the more fueled to stand up for my tasks at … Continue reading Pass!